The New Lite Cordless by Aerus Makes Cleaning a Snap!

The New Lite Cordless by Aerus Makes Cleaning a Snap!

Lite Cordless by Aerus

There’s no argument: a vacuum is one of the best and most effective cleaning tools any homeowner can have. As innovations in home cleaning technology advance, Aerus continues to be known as the brand that makes high-quality units that also incorporate thoughtful design to accommodate the changing needs of the modern household. While for many, using traditional corded upright and canister vacuums makes sense for their cleaning needs, we’ve heard from a growing number of our customers over the years that they’d like more mobility and leeway when it comes to using their vacuum. Home with multi-levels, varying surfaces or people simply looking for a more lightweight unit have told us that they’d love it if Aerus had a cordless vacuum unit. So we listened, and now the wait is over: the Lite Cordless by Aerus is here!

There are so many advantages to owning a cord-free vacuum, and because it’s a full-sized unit, you’re still getting great power and suction so your surfaces will stay amazingly clean. The Lite Cordless also has self-sealing HEPA-H12 filters with AllerGuard Filtration, so you don’t have to worry that you’re sacrificing your air quality or allergen-removal ability of regular Aerus vacuums. It’s also proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA with globally sourced components for the very best in quality, durability, and reliability.

Here are some of our favorite perks we think come with owning an Aerus Lite Cordless vacuum!


No Cords = No Tripping Hazard

Take it anywhere, even in spaces that might not have an outlet close by, like closets. And no cord means there’s no chance of tripping or getting the cord snared on a table leg!


Saves Time

No need to unplug, wind up the cord and move it to another room.


It’s Easier to Clean More Often

A lighter, cordless vacuum is less of a hassle to use…which means you’ll likely use it more often…and that means your home will get cleaner and stay cleaner!


Easy Maneuverability Mobility Means More People Can Help Vacuum

While some vacuums are too heavy for children or those with limited physical abilities to operate, but at just 11 pounds, the Lite Cordless by Aerus is more manageable. Now kids can help clean their rooms!


Long-Life Battery Means You Can Clean More

The Lite Cordless has a long-life lithium ion battery, packed with up to 45 minutes of full power. This is an amazing differentiator from other cordless vacuums which operate for about half of that time.


Heavy-Duty Motor without the Heavy-Duty Weight

The Lite Cordless by Aerus weighs only 11 pounds, but its motor will turn heavy cleaning into light work!


To learn how you can get your Lite Cordless vacuum, visit our Aerus store locator page to find the franchise closest to you!

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