Portable Clean: The Aerus Sidekick!

Portable Clean: The Aerus Sidekick!

Vacuuming provides a satisfying sense of cleanliness: watching lint and debris disappear, hearing the sand and dirt get sucked out of your living room rug, and seeing those neat little lines in your carpet. Aesthetics aside, vacuuming is also essential for homes with allergy and asthma sufferers as well — removing allergens and contaminants from upholstery and floors can do wonders for people who are sensitive to it. But there are a few places that still bewilder the average vacuum owner: mattresses, stairs, vehicles, the hard-to-reach underbellies of furniture and appliances. The idea of lugging around a heavy vacuum up a flight or two of stairs, or hoisting it onto you bed to clean your mattress is an exhausting prospect. And most vacuums, however slim, usually aren’t able to reach every little crevasse. So what do you do? A lot of people simply skip the places they can’t reach.

Aerus SidekickAt Aerus, we knew that customers loved our vacuum cleaners — the power, quality, craftsmanship and effectiveness are bar none. But we also wanted people to be able to clean every space and surface they needed — and that’s hard to do with a standard sized machine. So we created the Aerus Sidekick. It’s a small, motorized vacuum head designed to give you more flexibility and ease when it comes to cleaning smaller spaces.  This brilliant accessory easily attaches to the end of the Lux Guardian Platinum nozzle, and, utilizing the impressive power of Platinum, allows you to clean places a normal-sized vacuum would have difficult fitting.

  • Been camping with the family this summer? Or how about to the beach? If your car is filled with more pine needles or sand than you know what to do with, there’s no need to pay to vacuum it at the car wash. Simply plug in your Guardian Platinum in your garage, attach the Sidekick and do your own detailing! (The crevice tool is great to use here too, like in between seats!)
  • Have stairs? Plus in your vacuum on the landing and use your Sidekick to easily clean the stairs — no trudging up and down with the whole cleaner.
  • Vacuuming your mattress once a season is a great idea and helps keep it fresh. But lifting a vacuum cleaning on top of your bed isn’t ideal. So grab your trusty Sidekick! You get the great power and suction from the Guardian Platinum but a smaller, more maneuverable brush head with the Sidekick.
  • Scared to look at the dust bunnies under your armoire? If your vacuum was hard to fit underneath it, never fear: your Sidekick is here! Its small size makes it perfect for getting into tight squeezes where dust and allergens can accumulate.

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