Making Your Home Comfortable for Guests With Allergies & Asthma

Making Your Home Comfortable for Guests With Allergies & Asthma

Hosting guests in your home can be a lot of fun, and adding special touches like extra pillows or fresh flowers to your guest room can go a long way in making someone feel at home. But if your company has severe allergies, or is asthmatic, you might need to consider a different approach when it comes to readying their room. Suddenly, those extra feather pillows and fragrant, fresh lilies might do more harm than good!


With some extra thought and care, you can make your home cozy and comfortable for anyone. We’ve compiled these great tips and ideas that will help you turn your guest quarters into a clean, airy haven – in fact, your guests may never want to leave!


Designate the guest room as a “critter-free” zone!

Pet dander is an allergen that can be irritating to many with severe allergies or asthma. Keeping your four-legged friends out of the guest room for a week prior to your guests’ arrival is a good idea. During that week, make sure you vacuum thoroughly to remove errant pet hairs and that all linens are freshly laundered.


Be mindful of the chemicals you use when cleaning.

You might be tempted to scrub from top to bottom with the strongest cleanser you can find, but oftentimes, the chemicals and artificial fragrances in that cleanser can do more harm than good when it comes to affecting the asthmatic and allergic. Natural cleaning agents, like baking soda, lemon, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are less likely to irritate your guest.


Rethink the pillows.

If you have synthetic pillows, laundering them to kill off any dust mites or pet dander is a great idea. If you have down pillows, consider swapping those out for clean synthetic-filled pillows, as feather pillows can set off allergies in a big way.


Add dust mite-proof pillow and mattress covers for extra protection.

These can really go a long way in staving off allergic episodes or asthma attacks, since dust mites are a major allergen to so many. Many of these covers are soft, breathable and washable, meaning guests will hardly notice they’re sleeping on an added layer of protection.


Dust, then vacuum.

Blinds, overhead fan blades, and shelves with knicknacks will all need a good dusting. After you dust, vacuum the carpet and any upholstered items – stuffed chairs, drapes, etc – with a vacuum cleaner that has a sealed HEPA filter. It’ll suck up all the dust you just knocked off and prevent it from blowing right back into the air.


Consider adding an air purifier.

Air purifiers are great for making the air in a space smell fresher, cleaner and lighter without relying on fragrances or ozone to counteract stale or musty odor. Good quality air purifiers can reduce the dander, contaminants, dust and allergens that can hang in the air and stick to surfaces.


Forgo those scented candles and fresh flowers.

Scents can be triggering for those with breathing difficulties. If you’re looking to add a touch of greenery or freshness to a room, consider a succulent plant like aloe vera. Plants like bamboo can also be fine, provided the water and vase are clean and fresh.


Make sure linens and bedding have been washed and sanitized.

This will help eliminate any lingering dust mites, dander or scented chemicals like fabric softeners that could irritate skin or breathing. Machines like the Laundry Pro mean you don’t have to use detergents or fabric softeners to get clothes clean, fresh and fluffy. It’s great for people with asthma or chemical sensitivities!

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