Extend the Life of Your Vacuum With These 4 Tips!

Extend the Life of Your Vacuum With These 4 Tips!

A decent vacuum cleaner is an expense; a great vacuum cleaner is an investment, and  — with proper care — one that can last many, many years longer than lower-quality units. Keeping your vacuum in proper working order is great because it means you’ll have an efficient dirt-busting machine to help keep your home clean. And having a high-quality machine also means you’re not buying a new one every few years when it (predictably) goes kaput.

At Aerus, we believe in providing our customers with the best quality vacuums available on the market and helping our customers keep their machines – regardless of make, model or year – in great working order for years to come.

The Lux Guardian Platinum by Aerus is not only a fan-favorite, it’s also our best-selling and most popular unit – and for good reason: it’s equipped with specially designed fans and a powerful motor to give the highest level of cleaning power. We consistently hear from customers who are pleased not only with the durability and quality of the machine, but also with its long life and ease of serviceability, if they ever require it.

Here are some of the ways you as a vacuum owner can help ensure the long life of your machine!

  • Consider your cleaning job and adjust the power as needed. Some vacuums come equipped with both automatic and manual modes. Manual Mode allows you to select the power level you think you need to clean a surface. For example, a carpeted floor might require more power than vacuuming your drapes. In Automatic Mode, the vacuum adjusts based on the task you’re performing.
  • Be sure to change your bags according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Recommendations about routine replacements are based on extensive research about that particular unit, and every unit is different. You might need to change a vacuum bag once a month, depending on frequency of use. If it feels 2/3 full, regardless of when you last changed it, it should be swapped out for a new bag.
  • A vacuum’s filter is your friend, so change it per the manufacturer’s suggestions as well! A vacuum filter protects the motor and prevents the microscopic particles sucked up by your unit from re-dispersing back into your home’s air. HEPA filters are the best filters for that task. The Lux Guardian Platinum, for example, has unique double HEPA filtration that provides a layer of protection for the dust, allergens and contaminants you’re removing from your surfaces in the home.
  • If you’ve got pets or a lot of carpet in your home, check your brush roll regularly to make sure the brush can turn freely. A good tip for cleaning the brush roll is to use seam rippers or small scissors to cut out hair, string and thread that has become entangled.

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