Direct Sales: A Smart (and Growing!) Career Choice

Direct Sales: A Smart (and Growing!) Career Choice

There are usually two types of workers: those who are happy to be a part of a bigger team, and those who yearn to own a business and be their own boss. To be sure, entrepreneurism isn’t for everyone. Possessing the self-discipline and inherent self-starting determination is key for business owners. But for those who know that the only way for them to find career fulfillment is to be in charge, business ownership is the way to go.


And for many people, when choosing the business model that best fits their strengths and desired income and lifestyle, direct sales is a smart and exciting choice. Knowing that your business success is contingent upon the effort you’re willing to expend seems like a fair trade-off.


One of the demographics entering the direct sales force in droves right now is the modern stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). These women find themselves presented with a quandary: many are college grads, and maybe even had a burgeoning career. But they made the decision to leave their traditional careers behind in order to do what’s right for their family, be it raising the children and, for a rising number of SAHMs, homeschooling.



Still, they may feel compelled to contribute to the family income. Or perhaps they crave the challenge of growing a business at their own pace, and on a schedule that allows them to put family first. For these reasons, direct sales can be a perfect fit. With more and more direct sales companies entering the marketplace, SAHMs have more options to find a product they’re passionate about and turn it into a side or full-time career.


But direct sales aren’t just for young mothers in their 20s and 30s. Forbes interviewed Karen Pagliurolo. a former nurse and stay-at-home mom, who is now a regional manager and sales consultant for the high-end direct sales fashion company Etcetera. In an interview with Forbes’ Nancy Collamer, Pagliurolo explained that she thinks women in their 50s are probably the best candidates for direct selling. “They are educated, they’ve been active volunteers and they are the CEOs of their households,” she said.


Direct sales, though, really is open to anyone: adults from 18 to 80 (and beyond!) now have opportunities perhaps not previously available without extensive experience, advanced degrees or knowing the right people in the industry. And for most people drawn to direct sales, they’re drawn to the idea that what they earn is directly proportional to the amount of time, energy and work they’re willing or able to put into their business. It’s a great way to customize the income you desire, even from month to month.


Mary Christensen, author of Be A Direct Selling Superstar, shared her theory for direct sales success with Forbes as well. “The number of hours you invest in your business will determine how quickly you grow. Every aspiring direct seller should ask this question: ‘Am I prepared to put the time and effort into achieving my goal?’ It’s not enough to want it. You have to be willing to work for it.”


Another reason direct sales is surging as a popular career choice is because today more than ever, there are convenient, online support tools to help drive leads, sales and brand recognition, particularly social media. Facebook, blogs, Pinterest and Instagram are all popular with direct sellers because it allows them to open dialogues with people who might normally be out of reach. Social media has helped remove the regional boundaries that once existed in a direct sales business, allowing for even more opportunity. It’s the ultimate networking tool, and without a doubt has played a huge role in the success of direct sales businesses.

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