Clean Your Home With…Water!

Clean Your Home With…Water!

What if there was a way to clean multiple surfaces in your home…with just a spray bottle full of water? No chemicals, no dyes or synthetic fragrances, no aerosols, no fumes. Just plain water that’s been infused with oxygen.


It’s a pretty exciting concept, right? It’s certainly safe for your family. It’s friendly to the environment. It’s natural. And, if you own a Laundry Pro, it could cost only pennies a year.


Laundry Pro by Aerus revolutionizes the way laundry is done. After a simple install of this unit to your current washing machine, you can get your clothes and linens clean, fresh-smelling and fluffier than every before simply by harnessing the power of Laundry Pro’s ActivePure Technology and cold water. That’s right – the Laundry Pro only uses cold water, and eliminates the need for detergents, bleach, and fabric softeners.


The ActiveClean Port adapter attaches to the Laundry Pro unit, diverting that same activated, oxygen-rich water into a bucket or spray bottle. You can then use this water to clean your home instead of harsh chemicals! This is an environmentally friendly, money-saving alternative to traditional cleaning products.


You can clean:


  • laundry
  • countertops
  • refrigerator interiors
  • sink basins
  • tile
  • shower doors
  • stovetops
  • shower curtain liners
  • floors
  • car interiors
  • playrooms
  • windows
  • door handles
  • toys
  • jewelry
  • grout


If you use a Laundry Pro in your home, and have the ActiveClean Port adapter, what are some of the ways you’ve put this oxygen-rich water to work?




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