Got Kids? Battle Stinky Clothes With Laundry Pro!

Got Kids? Battle Stinky Clothes With Laundry Pro!

flag-football-551566_640Whether they’re returning home from summer camp or about to head back to school, one thing’s for sure: where kids go, stinky clothes are sure to follow! If there’s a puddle, chocolate ice cream cone or sweaty game of dodgeball, kids (and their formerly clean clothes) will find it.  Parents are then left with the stains, odors and unending dinginess that seem to be the natural side-effect to fun summers and school sports. Doing a family’s laundry often includes a collection of detergents, chemicals, bleaches, softeners and fragrance additives designed to return clothes and linens to their former glory. But often, these products don’t work as expected, and can actually build up on clothing and make them look more worn. And if anyone has chemical sensitivities or detergent allergies, using copious amounts of either to get clothes clean can lead to serious skin irritation.

A common misconception about laundry detergent is that more must be better. Maybe you’ve been guilty a time or two of adding a little more detergent to your wash because you wanted to get your clothes cleaner…but the problem is, it doesn’t work that way. In fact, using too much detergent can actually have a detrimental affect on your clothes. An article in the Wall Street Journal notes that “detergent ‘overpouring’ creates a high, foamy tide inside the machine, lifting soil and lint above the water level so it isn’t rinsed away. That leaves residue on clothing that fades colors and attracts more dirt, they say. Inside the machine, detergent buildup encourages odor and bacteria growth, and leads in time to wear and tear that will require professional attention.”

In addition, most detergents on the market today are concentrated, meaning users need less product to get their laundry clean. Couple that with the advent of newer, high-efficiency washers — which need far less water to get clothes clean than older models — and you’ve got a detergent overload situation!

Larger institutions like hospitals, hotels and nursing homes have for years relied on a smart mixture of chemistry and technology to launder large quantities of linens. Using detergents, chemicals and bleach is not only costly, it can be irritating to people with sensitivities, and can wear out the fabric fibers quicker — which means spending money to replace them more often. Instead, many of these businesses use a machine that infuses regular water with oxygen, peroxides, and other gases, which bubble and lift dirt and grime from cloth fibers. Towels are softer and fluffier, and sheets and clothes are brighter and cleaner, and free of bacteria and filmy residue that can come from chemical cleansers.

Our Pick

Laundry ProThe Laundry Pro by Aerus uses the same technology that hotels and hospitals use. This smart technology takes the way you do laundry to a new level. Gone are the days of detergent, chemicals and bleaches, costly hot water and dulling fabric softener — and eliminating them means you can help extend the life of your clothing. You can get clean, fluffy laundry that still retains its color, shape and style from when you purchased it. Whites are whiter, brights are brighter, and the integrity of your clothing stays intact much longer than it would when washed in a traditional way. Stains are lifted, colors don’t fade and there’s no residue leftover to dull your clothes or irritate your skin.

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