7 Hacks To Upgrade Your Cleaning Routine

7 Hacks To Upgrade Your Cleaning Routine

Oh, the quest for a perfectly clean home! If only achieving that cleanliness weren’t so…tedious. Or time-consuming. Or just generally horrible. A life filled with work, family, and a bit of R&R leaves little time for household chores.

The good news is, a little creativity can go a long way in redefining how you clean, and, in doing so, how much actual time you spend getting the job done. We’ve come up with 7 clever ways you can get your home spotless without all the hassle.


1) Prevent high-up dust bunnies with wax paper

Line the tops of furniture or appliances with wax paper. After a month, carefully fold up the paper – and with it, all the dust that would have settled onto your furniture.


2)  Clean your shower…while you shower

Fill the compartment of a dish scrubber sponge with a 50/50 mixture of Dawn dish soap and white vinegar. While you’re in the shower, use this to scrub down your shower. This mixture cuts through soap scum, hard water stains and general yuckiness that tends to accumulate in tubs and showers.


3) Rubber gloves = The best hair remover you’ve ever tried

If you’ve got pets, you know how much they can shed. Don your rubber kitchen gloves, dampen them with water, and run your hands over any surface where fur or hair collects. It’ll come up like magic. (A circle of packing tape can also be useful for removing pet hair.)


4) Plop, plop, fizz, fizz your way to a cleaner toilet

Drop a few tabs of Alka-Seltzer (or denture cleaning tablets) in your toilet to sit overnight. In the morning, flush and boom – stains should  be gone from your toilet bowl, and you didn’t even need to scrub!


5)  Rub a lemon on it

If hard water stains are taking a toll on the finish of your faucets, cut open a lemon and rub a slice over the affected site. This should get your chrome finishes shiny in no time – all without using a single chemical. (If hard water is really plaguing your appliances, consider using a water-softening treatment for your home.) If hard water isn’t the problem but you want to get rid of the dull finish of your faucets, vinegar is another chemical-free way to easily clean gunk and restore shine.


6) Find new uses for dryer sheets! 

Use them to clean baked-on messes out of your favorite pan. Place one dryer sheet in the bottom of the pot or pan, fill with warm water, and let it sit overnight. The softeners in the dryer sheet will loosen the baked-on food by morning.


7) Vacuum more often…the right way! 

If you’re not using a vacuum with a sealed HEPA filter, all the gunk you’re extracting from your carpet can end up right back in the air you’re breathing. It’s amazing what vacuuming up dust and dirt on a weekly basis can do for your indoor air quality and overall dust output! Maybe we’re partial, but we love the Lux Guardian Platinum canister vacuum. It gives you an amazing 505 air watts and 116″ of water lift — and it’s super-quiet with not one, but TWO sealed HEPA filters.


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