5 Reasons the Lux Guardian Platinum Vacuum Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

5 Reasons the Lux Guardian Platinum Vacuum Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

The holidays are in full swing, and trying to find the perfect gift for someone can be a headache at times. Well we  have a solution for you……Give that someone special a gift that will last for many holidays to come, The Lux Guardian Platinum Canister Home Care System by Aerus! Here are 5 reasons that it will make the perfect gift:

High Powered Motor + Intelligent Suction

Did the kids make a mess at breakfast or Fido leave behind his hair on your sofa? The Lux Guardian Platinum Vacuum ‘s powerful 505 air watt motor features suction control that can be adjusted across 8 levels according to the task you are performing. Use maximum power for vacuuming floors and deep cleaning, medium power for vacuuming upholstery or dusting and minimum power for delicate cleaning.

Simple Maneuverability

Tired of vacuum cleaners that are a drag? The 3-wheel guidance system makes the canister easy to pull behind as you vacuum. A rubberized coating prevents scratches on wood floor and ensures quiet operation. The unique L-shape power nozzle provides 4-sided cleaning and self adjusts its height between types of flooring. It is also equipped with a headlight so you can see what’s lurking in those dark spaces.

4 levels of purification with double HEPA filtration

Want to improve your indoor air quality? The Lux Guardian Platinum Vacuum uses Home Solutions Filter Bags which are more effective at capturing dust and tiny particles. It also features a True HEPA Filter that significantly improves indoor air quality by trapping and retaining 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 micron. A high porosity, activated charcoal filter follows the True HEPA filter to effectively reduce odor and moisture. Before the air is released back into the environment, it passes through the LongLife HEPA after filter to capture any tiny particles that may still exist.

Remarkably Quiet Operation

Go ahead and vacuum while Grandma is taking a nap! The Lux Guardian Platinum features an aerodynamic air guide design and multi-layered sound insulation that keeps it quiet.

Assortment of Deluxe Accessories

The Lux Guardian Platinum has a complete assortment of deluxe accessories to tackle any mess that may come your way.

  • Sidekick: A mini, motorized power nozzle useful in cleaning stairs, bedding, car interiors, and so much more!
  • Combination rug/floor tool: Use the brush to clean hard surfaces, then rotate it over to use the straight suction tool on your fine rugs
  • Crevice tool: Perfect for narrow, hard-to-reach areas such as bookshelves, between couch cushions and car interiors
  • Combination dusting/upholstery tool: Soft bristles protect your furniture and delicate surfaces, while adjustable wings allow for improved cleaning of upholstery or fabrics

The Lux Guardian Platinum is engineered to be in a class by itself. Stylish and durable, it will be the best gift you can give (or get) to create a clean, healthy home.


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