10 Smart Organizing Tips for 2020

10 Smart Organizing Tips for 2020

It’s that delicate time of year between the post-holiday dead-of-winter and the first balmy hint of spring. Maybe you’re getting an overwhelming urge to do some early spring cleaning, or maybe finally getting organized was one of your goals for 2020. Either way, there’s no time like the present! Though there are stores dedicated entirely to purchasing organizational accessories, some of the best ideas cost only a few bucks…and some utilize items you already have in your home, thereby costing nothing at all! Here are some of the best ideas we’ve found:

Upcycle old coffee cans & holiday tins

So your neighbors brought you some delicious peanut brittle last month in a Frosty the Snowman tin. The brittle is gone, but that ugly tin remains. They make contact paper now in great new colors and textures, from wood grain to stainless steel to marble. Cover the outside of your old tin with your choice of contact paper and you’ve got a new container! Use in your bathroom or kitchen for storing loose items, or use the tins next year when it’s your turn to bring the brittle.


Use a picture frame as a dry erase board

Find an ugly frame at a thrift store? Get your spray paint back out! Place a piece of scrapbook paper or fabric behind the glass and voila! You’ve got your own dry erase board.



Create your own scarf or tights hanger

Here’s where you can get creative. Depending on the amount you need to organize, use an old piece of scrap wood and glue wooded clothespins to the front. (If you want to get fancy, you can customize these with paint, washi tape or even – gasp! – glitter!) Clip scarves or tights to the pins for easy (and tidy) visual access.


Keep jewelry perfectly separated

Most dollar stores sell sets of ice cube trays for next to nothing, and it turns out they’re perfect for those earrings, rings, and necklaces that tend to get tangled in everything. Plus, you can stack the trays on top of each other!


Free up closet space with tiered hangers

Save up old soda tabs and use them to group together sets of clothes that go together. This will save you some time in your morning routine, and allow you take advantage of some vertical space you weren’t previously using!



Use empty suitcases to store out-of-season clothing

Don’t pay for clear plastic bins! Use receptacles you already have! Most of us have a few clunky, empty suitcases in the closet. Turns out, they’re the perfect place to store your winter coats or cache of flip flops when you’re in the opposite season.


Prevent clothes from slipping off their hangers

Apply a ribbon of hot glue to the top of your hangers. This will provide a gripping surface which means your clothes won’t be as likely to slip off the hangers. Brilliant!


Make a rolling basket

Everything’s better when it’s portable, right? Affix an old wire basket to a base made of scrap wood. Secure in place with metal L brackets and attach casters to the bottom of the base. Perfect for kids’ rooms!


Purse organization for about $5 or less

A length of sturdy chain and a couple of carbines (or cheaper S-hooks) are the perfect way to organize a lot of things: purses, belts, tank tops, you name it.




Create the perfect jewelry organization station

Using an empty old frame (feel free to decorate it to your heart’s delight!) and stapling chicken wire to the back creates an instant board that’s perfect for hanging earrings, necklaces, or clipping notes (or lost socks) with clothespins.

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